RobbieBurns_18Scotian Music is the one-stop site to book music and entertainment for Nova Scotia weddings, funerals, banquets, conferences and private parties. We provide musicians and musical services throughout Nova Scotia – in an efficient and professional manner – and at a reasonable cost to you.

When Nova Scotia wedding bells ring, we can be there with bagpipers and music of any variety. We’ll provide bagpipers and other musicians for any wedding setting and can offer you or your wedding planner with many excellent references.

Funerals in Nova Scotia are often situations where a bagpiper is most appropriate and we can work directly with you or your funeral director.

Conferences and conventions are ideal situations for us to tailor entertainment – for both large and small events. With over 20 years of experience, we’ll fine-tune the musical genre to fit your event.

The Pipers Guild
unnamed-1Our province-wide network of exceptional bagpipers and other entertainers are all very qualified and guaranteed to meet your entertainment needs. Because of our network, we can satisfy your musical tastes and requirements – anywhere in the province.

One Site… One Call… One Price…

There is no mistaking the skirl of the pipes to herald the commencement of an event. They add drama to a wedding, conference, sports event, or other ceremonial function. They are perhaps the most dramatic and lasting form of farewell at a memorial ceremony or funeral. Pipers or pipe bands are always centers of attention at parades and gatherings.

The kilt is a wonderful, colourful uniform, making for great photo opportunities for you and your participants or guests. Conference centres, hotel/motels, tourism companies, government agencies and corporations all have events that can be enhanced by the skirl of the pipes!

No need to search for that extra “something” to make your event special and no more multiple calls in search of a piper. We do the work for you, at a price that is well within your budget and you can reach us anytime. Call 902-875-7826 to make quick, easy arrangements for your event.

If you need professional entertainment in Nova Scotia, call 902-875-7826. We can help!